The Diesel Works




Season 15

Amazon ReviewEdit

Welcome to the Dieselworks! Diesel and all his diesel engine friends oil into the Dieselworks for rest and repairs. Happy Hook helps with engine repairs, as Diesel 10 keeps a watchful eye from his shed. Playset features doors that swing open for engines to ride through, a turntable that spins up to the repair platform and Happy Hook’s rotating crane arm to lift and load cargo. Diesel is a durable die-cast Take-n-Play engine that can connect to other Take-n-Play engines and vehicles with magnet connectors that connect either way. Playset folds out to 24" long x 17" wide x 10” high and includes a convenient carry handle.


  • Diesel
  • Diesel 10 (sticker)
  • Happy Hook

Product FailersEdit

  • The spinning bridge spins so fast, the Engine will fly off.